buds – tiny earpieces which fit inside the ear for listening to the grid audio (such as phone, av, music, or 3D inworld communication). The poorest people are forced to listen to advertisements. Young people wear them with small chains attached to earrings.

voc (pronounced voke) is the “mouthpiece.”  A voc may be fixed to a collar, necklace or body jewelry attached to the neck skin near the vocal chords or on a tongue stud. It may be controlled by sub-vocalising or by speaking normally, using a command protocol called vopro.  Old-fashioned people like Joe may still use a cell like device, but it connects in the same way through the grid. Also, office environments, like The Agency, may use stationary telephones, but they also tap into the grid.

ocs (pronounce like ox)—citspecs, or other devices to tap into the grid visually.

modslot —a modslot is a port on the citspecs for plugging in modules, or mods.

mod —a module which gives special functionality to the inworld experience.

vopro —vocalization protocol, a command language for grid devices. For instance, to make a “phone call” one says, “call ______ (number or name with pre-stored number).”  

virtual —a virtual is an individual who has had permanent ocs, buds and voc implants. They may also have modslot implants in the boney area behind the ear.

citspecs are devices which allow you to experience 3D worlds. They are like wrap-around sunglasses, and work in tandem with glove-like controllers, called paws. Rich people may have citspecs which are contact lenses. The wearer of citspecs has the ability to control the transparency, so they can navigate in both a sim world and the real world simultaneously.

paws—also, perams. citspecs controllers for movement in the 3D world.

com —also nanocom, a com is a nano-particle communication device used commercially in product tracking, or in spy devices for the government or military.

oled —(pronounce oh-led) from the acronym for organic light emitting diode. These have become the lighting standard in 2027.

cider —a suicide bomber.

disappeared —clandestinely killed by secret police or death squads

griefer —an individual who breaks the protocols of New Life by using his/her avi to harass, stalk, or otherwise disrupt or harm others.

sassi —an assassin. A griefer who tries to permanently take out someone’s avi. Named for a clandestine group of anarchist female griefers, extant in the game worlds of the 2010s. 

blackwater is a generic name for mercenary.

clean-n-safe is local portland, oregon street slang for private security police.

popo is slang for police

charley —youth slang, used sort of like, dude.

black trash —a deadly form of meth-amphetamine, also called death, black death, black ice

gone to sweetland —slang for gone to heaven, in heaven, in nirvana, high, dead. 

avatar – an animated 3D digital representation of a person

avi – an avatar

bot —a programmed (or automated) avi. Generally, it might refer to any type of robotic device.

spybot —a bot for spying on people. These might be cyborg insects or programmed objects Inworld.

inworld — to be immersed in a sim world.

rez – to resolve a 3D object in a sim (make a digital ‘object’ appear)

sim – a 3D simulated environment

teleport or TP—to travel (nearly) instantaneously from one point to another in a 3D environment.