Book I —Sweetland

1989 Joe Larivee is born.

2004Bridge Whitedeer is born.

2010Worldwide depression. Depleted oil, and shortages trigger economic chaos. Lasts four years, and is ended when governments band together to pump billions of dollars into technology infrastructure.

2011-2014The Bicycle Wars. As oil scarcity forces more people to use alternative transportation, reactionary motorists fight back, sparking violent conflict with bicyclists.

2012War breaks out between China and India, embroiling much of Central and Southeast Asia in conflict. The threatened use of nuclear weapons force and uneasy truce.

2013Jessie Larivee is born. —The US becomes embroiled once again in a Southeast Asia war, as the China-India conflict continues to create upheaval.

2014The Grid comes online worldwide, prompting a renewed technological revolution.

2016 —large swaths of North American forests, stressed out by climate change, are infected with disease. Urban forests are the first to go. Cities riot in face of war and environmental destruction. A great methane belch from the thawing Siberian permafrost, accelerates global warming.

2017Greenland Ice Shelf begins to collapse in earnest. Riots continue through the summer.

22 Oct, 2017Dictatorship of Peru is overthrown, leading to the consolidation of the Bolivarian Alliance.

2018The Association of Caribbean Island States votes to join the Bolivarian Alliance.

2019 Antarctic glaciers begin to rapidly disintegrateMass migrations worldwide as coastal areas begin to flood, and drought makes much of the US South, Southeast, and Mexico uninhabitable. Anti-immigrant and anti-Bolivarian hysteria sweeps North America.

2020The Free Market Party is elected, sweeping Congress and the Presidency.

2021 — Coordinated fascist attacks in Europe destroy much of Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, and other cities. —Nationwide riots in US and a dirty bomb in Chicago prompt  The Anti-Terror Act. The Committee to Secure the Nation, made up of corporate and military leaders, is appointed by the president to administer Martial Law until the elections of 2024. —New Life is founded, prompting millions of people to escape into its alternate reality.

2022Anti-Terror raids round up tens of thousands of Americans, including Joe’s radical parents, Frank and Amy Larivee. —The International Federation of Digital Artists recreate The Drowned Cities of the World with the help of the Bolivarian Alliance.

2024The elections of 2024 are suspended by The Committee, which promises to restore civilian rule “as soon as the terrorists are defeated.”

2024 —the planet called Sweetland is discovered, but kept secret by scientists. —The long-feared disruption of the Gulf Stream begins to manifest, further disrupting agriculture in Europe and the central US.

2025 —The Bolivarian scientists discover the means to safely transport humans to Sweetland. First settlers arrive.

2027 Zapatistas overthrow the Mexican dictatorship, joining the  Bolivarian Alliance.  Civil War approaches in US, as rebels are emboldened by revolution in Mexico.

2027 — October and November – This is when the action of the novel takes place.

Book II —New America

2033 ( Sweetland Year SY 7) —Bridge Whitedeer, exploring the forests of Sweetland, discovers evidence of a civilization. At the same time, the colonists discover that they are not the only ones from Earth to have settled on Sweetland. Across the great southern continent, a private company, the New America Corporation has brought soldiers and construction battalions, including massive machinery for resource extraction. 


Book III —A Fortunate Plague

2048 (SY 20) —Joe Larivee, now Coordinator of Community Service for the Independent Republic of Cascadia, sees a visitor who claims to be his grandson from Sweetland. The Sweetland colonists are under siege by the New America Corporation, and the indigenous population of Sweetland is dying of a mysterious plague.

2049 (SY 21) —Joe Larivee resigns his position to lead an expedition of scientists to Sweetland to help the struggling colonists.